Children’s Vegetable Garden Program March 14

March 14 Agenda of the Children’s Gardening Session.


At the start of the session the children made sure there are no weeds and debris in their sections. They also got rid of the roly polies in the plots. These roly polies can really eat up the young plants if we do not get rid of them.

We also checked to make sure the “Cheers” head cabbage, “Green Magic” Broccoli and “Toscano“ Kale are nice and straight. Our Little Gardeners checked to see if there are any cabbage looper caterpillars eating holes in the leaves and if we find these cabbage loopers we manually crush them and their developing eggs. At the end of the session we lightly drenched these plants with Spinosad to control caterpillars, thrips, leaf miners, borers, fruit flies, spider mites, aphids and more. Spinosad mix is 4 tablespoons per gallon of water.

Our little gardeners were quite excited to see that some of their potatoes have sprouted new green leaves, however some of the onions did not quite make it so we had to replace the ones that dried up.



Today we planted “Tycoon” and “BHN 968” tomatoes. First we applied a cup of Espoma granulated fertilizer to the area where the tomatoes will be planted.  We dug a planting hole as deep as the pot the tomato is in and slightly wider than the container of the tomato plant. We filled the hole with water and allowed it to drain to make sure we have good drainage. After the water has drained we dusted the hole with rock phosphate. We carefully removed the tomato plant and gently set it down in it’s new home making sure the plant is even with the soil grade. We back filled the hole making sure no roots are visible. We made a water well ring on the outskirt of the plant’s outer leaves and made sure the plants were watered well. We put the cages over the tomato plants and anchored it firmly to the ground with anchor stakes. The next step was to tightly wrap the tomato cages with N-sulate wrap making sure it does not touch the ground. This is done to protect the tomatoes from high winds and also inclement weather such as a late March freeze.


Covered tomato cages with N-sulate wrap


Today we fertilized all the “green appearing” plants with ¼ gallon of Hasta Gro mix making sure none of the fertilizer gets on the leaves.

A side note on the “Tycoon “ tomato: I won 1st place and grand prize with my Tycoon tomatoes entry in 2013 at Milberger nursery.

Nora Richards

Bexar County Master Gardener

Class 8


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