Children’s Vegetable Garden Program Agenda 6 – Mar. 28, 2015

This morning our little gardeners opened up the wraps on their “Tycoon” and “BHN” tomatoes to make sure the plants are erect and the root ball is covered. We also had to make sure that the cages are firmly anchored. After checking the tomatoes we wrapped them up again making sure the wrap is open at the top like a chimney flue to let the sunshine in.


The Irish potatoes “Red La Soda” and “ White Kennebec are all growing and looking very healthy.

* Note * After the plot had been watered we applied 1 teaspoon of Sluggo Plus around each group of potatoes.


We also checked the white and yellow onions and removed any yellow leaves.



The “ Cheers” head cabbage, “Green Magic” broccoli and “Toscano “ kale were checked to see if there are any cabbage loopers and their eggs on the back side of the leaves and if any were found the cabbage loopers  and eggs were manually crushed.

* Note * We lightly drenched these plants with Javelin Bt mixed at a rate of 2 Tablespoons per gallon of water after being watered at the end of the day.

Today our Little Gardeners also planted Anise Hyssop/Licorice mint by carefully removing the plant from its container and planting it level with the soil line and watering well after planting.

“Provider” Bush Green Beans were inoculated with Nitrobacterium before planting to help them perform their best. Before planting the beans the a planting area was fertilized with 1 cup of Espoma or Lady Bug granulated  fertilizer. 30 beans were planted in 3 rows ½ inch deep and 3 inches apart in 3 rows with an 8 inch space between the rows. (10 beans in each row )

“White Stream” Lobularia, one of the newest Texas Superstar  plant  release for 2015 were planted in the area in front of the irrigation valve. Prior to planting 1 cup of Espoma granulated fertilizer was applied in this area. The plants were planted level with the soil line, firmed in and watered. ( 4 plugs for the area )


“ Little Ruby Alternanthera” another new Texas superstar for 2015 were planted ( 3 plugs ) These were evenly spaced and carefully planted at soil level, firmed in and watered in. Before planting the area was fertilized with 1 cup of organic granulated fertilizer.

The Tomatoes, Anise/ Hyssop/Licorice Mint, White Stream Lobularia and Little Ruby Alternanthera were fertilized with ¼ gallon of Hasta Gro fertilizer. ( Mixture is 1 oz. of Hasta Gro in a gallon of water)

Nora Richards

Master Gardener

Class 8

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