Children’s Vegetable Garden Program – April 25, 2015 Agenda 10

Due to a heavy rains we were unable to tend to our vegetables on April 25, 2015. On Wednesday, April 29 I went to the gardens to see how our plants were doing.  Thankfully all the plants  look healthy and I did not see any damage from the heavy deluge.

I cleaned up the plots , removed the dry & yellowing leaves from all the plants to prevent unwanted bugs from making their homes on our plants.

We have good size  Tycoon & BHN 968 tomatoes which should be ready for the May 16 vegetable contest.

The healthy Red La Soda and Kennebec potatoes are so large that they are all leaning over the walkways so we will hill up  the plants this Saturday . Once that is done the potatoes will be more upright.



The beans are putting out blooms, the same with the cucumbers that are making their way up the trellises.


The squash have all germinated and come Saturday we will remove the unhealthy plants and keep 3 healthy ones.

Some kale and broccoli side shoots will have to be harvested this coming Saturday, the cabbage have large beautiful heads but  we still need to be on the look out for cabbage loopers.

Petunias are growing well & putting out more blooms, and come Saturday we have to make sure that the spent blooms are dead headed & this will give us more blooms in the coming weeks.

We need to pinch off  a few stems on our Anise Hyssop/ Licorice Mint , it will be delicious added to salads. Some of the edible leaves & blooms of the White Stream Lobularia will be harvested on Saturday also. I bet the children will be surprised that the blooms and leaves can be eaten.


Nora Richards

Bexar County Master Gardener

Class 8

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