Children’s Vegetable Garden Week 4 Sept 12th 2015

Welcome to Week 4 at the Children’s Vegetable Garden. We planted 2 ‘Snow Crown’ cauliflowers, 4 Orange Tishean marigolds/mari-mums and 4 ‘Dreamland’ mixed colored zinnias transplants today. But first, we did our daily chores.

  1. Tomato Plants- Push in any branches of the Tomato Plant into the cage to help give that support to the plant as it grows. Be sure to clip of any leaves that are touching the soil. If the leaves remain on the soil, they can potentially pick up diseases which will hurt the plant in the long run.

IMG_3010  IMG_3011

2. Insect Patrol- Look around your cabbage and broccoli. If you see any cabbage loopers or eggs, gently smash them by rubbing your thumb across them.


Now to start, the kids scratched up the soil  to the areas where no plants have been planted yet to get it ready for the cauliflower transplant.


Then we measured out the area where the cauliflower would go. We used the irrigation on/off valve as a guideline. We measured 20” away from the inside center of the cabbage plants toward the cucumber trellis and spaced our plants 14 inches away from the top and bottom of the inside part of the plot as well as 12 -14 inches from each other as to be lined up with the cabbage plants.

IMG_3013  IMG_3015

We were sure to thoroughly soak the 6 packs until all the air bubbles were removed before removing the transplants from the tray.  With this heat, it’s best to re-implement this old technique. Then we planted them( peat pot and all)  a  little below the soil line, as deep as the first set of leaves.  We finished this process by hand watering the plants in a couple of times and labeled our plants with ONE plant tag.

IMG_3012  IMG_3016

On to the Marigolds! We planted them evenly spaced and planted on each side of the irrigation line and about 4 inches away from the top and bottom of the plot. Check out this pic of the Marigolds. We notice some adventitious roots growing and so we planted them deeper than the soil line to help promote the root growth.

Take a look at this beautiful local planting: AgriLife Sciences Marimums

‘Dreamland’ mixed colored zinnias: Fall Zinnias Named Texas Superstars
Wow, another plant!!!
We followed the same procedures as we did with the marigolds. But do not plant them deeper,just level with the soil line. They were planted at the very backside of the plot and starting 6-8 Inches in from inside board.


Next we watered for 10 to 15 minutes and then fertilized with Hasta Gro on all new transplants and old.

IMG_3035  IMG_3027  IMG_3029   IMG_3030

For our Junior Master Gardener Class, we did a Fertilizer Rap and had a small discussion on Robins and their Life Cycle. We even put out a small fruit cup for the Robins to munch on later.


We did all that and even had time to wash our tools:)


(Following in Lyn’s foot steps) Just adding a cool pic of a Blue Winged Wasp. You can find some pretty interesting things in the garden:)


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