Children’s Vegetable Garden (CVG): Week 5 (Sept 19, 2015)

Hi, everyone! This past weekend we continued planting. (So it isn’t too late for you to start either! Click on this link for a list of fall vegetables–and when to plant them–for our area.) Before we planted, though, our gardeners did their usual inspection of the existing plants for bad things (bugs and other damage) and good things (fruit!) happening in our garden. Yes, our cucumbers and tomatoes have started producing fruit. Botanically speaking, both cucumbers and tomatoes are considered fruit rather than vegetables. Basically, a fruit develops from the fertilized flower and contains seeds. It’s considered a vegetable if it is from other parts—roots (carrots), stems (celery), leaves (cabbage). I like this quote from Miles Kington: “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not using it in a fruit salad”.  (smile) Let’s have a look at some of our our plants…

w5-0overall w5-1beans

In the first pic above , you can see that the marigolds, ‘Cheers’ cabbage, ‘Snow Crown’ cauliflower, and ‘Sweet Slice’ cucumber look great. The second pic shows the ‘Provider’ bush beans growing equally well. The first picture below shows one of the cucumbers that was harvested…a bit larger than pickling size and just fine to pick. Picking ripe fruit regularly encourages the plant to produce more. The next picture is a group of bunching onions. If you remember, we planted two rows with 4 groups of 2 bulbs in each row. In the onion picture below, you can see that one of the bunches did not come up in the row on the left. What we did was pick the largest group of two and carefully separated the two bulbs and moved one to the empty spot.   Quick quiz….onions are a …fruit or vegetable? Vegetable—you are mainly eating the greens and the white stem.

w5-2cuke w5-3onions

Let’s have a look at our young tomatoes….we have tons of flowers so I’m hoping for another great tomato harvest.


So, what did we plant this week? Have a look at some lovely six packs of kohlrabi:


Each of our gardeners planted 7 ‘Kolibri’ Purple Kohlrabi.

We also planted some seeds—20 ‘Babybeet’ beets and 20 ‘Santo’ cilantro. Pictures of planted seeds (bare ground) are not especially interesting, but I’ll have some pics of sprouted seeds next time.  As we’ve talked about in the past, it’s important not to plant the seeds too deeply.

Let’s have a look at our garden as we left it for the day…it’s neat to see how it changes from week to week.


For our extra pic of the week: a pinwheel! Consider using pinwheels as inexpensive and useful decorations for your vegetable garden. We have one at the end of each garden bed in our section so we know where our section starts and ends. Also, the movement and sparkle of the shiny pinwheels in the breeze may be a deterrent for birds and other pests…give it a try!


See you next week!


Lyn Komada, Bexar County Master Gardeners

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