New Office Phone Numbers at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service!!!

New Phone Numbers for Texas AgriLife Office

631-0400 Front Desk

631-0401 Elizondo Moreno, Frances Family & Consumer Sciences Office Assistant

631-0402 Torres, Angel, Horticulture, Agriculture and Natural Resources Office Assistant 

631-0403 Axtell, Pam, 4H Office Assistant

631-0404 Master Gardener-Carol Law

631-0405 Master Gardener

631-0406 Master Gardener Hotline

631-0407 Hovell, Aurelia, Volunteer Coordinator, Office Assistant

631-0408 Garcia, Melinda, CYFAR Program

631-0409 Blache, Renee, Better Living For Texas Assistant

631-0410 Manzano, Violeta, Better Living For Texas Assistant

631-0411 Keck, Molly, Program Specialist for Entomology

631-0412 Program Specialist, Natural Resource and Water Conservation

631-0413 Zavala, Ruby, Youth Gardens Coordinator

631-0414 Tapia, Nora, 4H Youth Outreach Educator

631-0415 Fuentes, Rosemary, Health and Wellness Specialist

631-0416 County Extension Agent Ag 4-H

631-0417 Guerra-Gonzalez, Grace, Cooperative Extension Program Family and Consumer Science

631-0418 County Extension Agent Family and Consumer Science

631-0419 County Extension Agent Agriculture

631-0420 Cervantes, Natalie, County Extension Agent 4H and Youth Development

631-0421 Rodriguez, David, County Extension Agent, Horticulture

631-0422 Huntzinger, Carrie, Office Manager

631-0423 Speller, Nelda, County Extension Director

631-0429 Extension Fax

631-0432 BCMG Fax

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