Children’s Vegetable Garden (CVG): Week 7 (Oct 3, 2015)

Fall has is here! The Green Growers started their day with an introduction from Sandra. She distributed Radish and Lettuce seeds and gave a demonstration of row placement and soil preparation.



Green Growers continued maintenance chores and found  Lacewing eggs on their cucumber leaves. These will grow to be helpers in the garden she explained. Sandra said “Tomato Horn Worms are making their presence known in the garden”. She continued “We should look for them assiduously!”. Striped and spotted yellow beetles were promptly squished and all orange or red bugs were welcomed and talked to nicely..


Next, we planted Radish and Lettuce seeds. Since the garden is almost fully grown it is important to use the remaining space wisely. These seeds were not coated so they were easier than carrots to put in place. The soil was first watered, hand tilled and then staked. Here is Joshua getting ready to plant his radishes!


Our Green Growers harvested over 20 lbs. of cucumbers today! Natalie had over 3 lbs. herself. She and her father have been working hard to keep the garden happy! The parents have contributed so much to these activities this season it is wonderful to see the rewards.



Thank you Mary! She found a sick tomato plant in our section that has Tomato Horn Worm evidence. Sandra said “All of the time I’ve ever spent in the garden, I’ve only seen one Tomato Hornworm”. She added, “Of course he looked very fierce!” Mary advised to cut low hanging leaves especially the ones that touch the ground. Pruning and watering were recommended and we will continue to watch.


Next, Green Growers gathered for a Scarecrow making activity hosted by JMG. Children were given history about the origin of the scarecrow and invited to create one for their plot.


Here is Miguel and his father working on a holiday themed scarecrow!


Let’s look at it in the garden.. Wow it’s a Santa Scarecrow!


All of the children returned to gardening and placed their security guards at attention!

The garden was hopping, buzzing, crawling and alive with motion today!The weather could not have been better and all our vegetables and flowers were filled with color.




Stephen Reyna, Bexar County Master Gardeners

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