Children’s Vegetable Garden (CVG): Week 16 (December 5th , 2015) LAST DAY!!


Welcome to the very last day for the Children’s Vegetable Garden Fall session 2015!!!

It was a great season and packed full of awesome memories.

Today’s chores included harvesting  and pulling everything out from the  plots, except the marigolds and carrots.

IMG_3298    IMG_3322       IMG_3301        IMG_3303

We made sure the plots were weed free, leveled with no craters, everything was cut at or below the soil surface with no stubble showing.  No weeds visible inside the plot or walkways, all plant tags and bamboo stakes are properly disposed of or put up.

IMG_3305     IMG_3320      IMG_3321     IMG_3300

The plant materials were loaded into a wheel barrel and taken to the compost site for the tractor to later come and mix for us.  


IMG_3308 IMG_3314 IMG_3315

We left the beds as clean and neat as possible, and the tools were cleaned and organized to get ready for next Spring.




IMG_3328      IMG_3306


Our special picture today is the Chinese Hat Plant, or as our County Extension Horticulutrist, David Rodriguez,  casually calls it Holmskioldia sanguinea.

Say that three times fast:)

The Chinese Hat Plant grows to be about 6- to 8-feet-tall and can make an attractive shrub if properly grown. The most noted feature of the plant is the bright orange flowers which to some people resemble a hat.

IMG_3310   IMG_3311

It is a beautiful shrub that was growing just outside the Children’s Vegetable Garden fence line in a low sunlight area. Just gorgeous!


Remember to register early for the 2016 spring session as it fills up very quickly.  Please note the program dates, expectations and times.


Thank you to Milberger’s Landscape Nursery for returning as a Financial Partner for the Spring Children’s Vegetable Garden Program 2016 session.


Hope to see you all next season!!!