Children’s Vegetable Garden Program (CVGP) Week 1, August 20th, 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2016 Fall Season at the Children’s Vegetable Garden at the San Antonio Botanical Garden! Last weekend was the first Saturday of the season and we have hit the ground running.

Our day began with Garden Leaders Mary Fernandez, John Mayor, and Volunteer Coordinator for the San Antonio Botanical Gardens Nadezhda Garza sign in our families and make sure plots are all assigned correctly. They work so hard at keeping this HUGE garden organized. Just want to give them a little shout out of appreciation:) Thanks guys!

Over the past few weeks here in San Antonio the weather has been especially warm with rain showers every other day and the Purslane has just loved it!! Check out our before picture of the garden! We’ve all experienced it, so check out this link from on Weed Management in the Garden.

But of course, no worries, we have an excellent group of volunteers and families participating this season and these weeds don’t stand a chance.


 Just a reminder, this blog will highlight the garden chores for the day and cover some useful information, and a detailed agenda on exactly what we did will be published here on this blog separately.

So the day began with prepping the garden bed (pulling weeds) and also learning where everyone’s new plots will be for the next 16 weeks.

The Section Leaders gave a brief intro to the garden and began explaining the garden chores for the day.

First step was to remove the weeds and then rake in some fertilizer. We also made sure the soil was smoothed out as much as possible.

Eight cups of Lady Bug Natural Derived Alfalfa based Organic Fertilizer was scratched in with a rake on top of the entire plot.


Then we dug a hole which was the same depth as the pot that the beautiful  BHN 968 ‘Dwarf Cherry Surprise’ tomato plant was in.  Check out the link to read an article from AgriLife Today about this amazing and delicious tomato.

Then, the soil that was dug out of the whole was mixed with two more cups of the Lady Bug Natural Derived Alfalfa based Organic Fertilizer…..

….and put back around our little tomato plant.

After filling the soil back in, ONE MORE CUP was scratched into and around our new plant.

The cages were carefully placed back around our plants and we made sure to put our labels in the ground. Check out these videos for some cool quick tips on planting your tomatoes!

How to Plant a Tomato Plant & Tomato Cage Installation

We then hand watered our newly planted tomatoes with one gallon of water mixed with 2oz of Medina Hasta Gro.  Our tools were cleaned and we made sure to give our plants a good drink of water from our irrigation lines for about 10-15 minutes.


Thank you to our volunteers and families for making this day so successful. See you next week! We will be planting our Tycoon’ Tomato and our ‘Sweet Slice’ Burpless Cucumber.

A special Thank You to Mr. Robert Ambriz for providing these beautiful pictures for this post today.

Winner of the 2015 Written Education Award at the Texas Master Gardener Conference

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and the Bexar County Master Gardeners would like to recognize Ms. Lyn Komada for all the hard work she has put into making this blog exceptionally great. It was because of her that the Bexar County Youth Gardens Blog received the 2015 Written Education Award at this summer’s Texas Master Gardener Conference. Thank you Lyn for your love and dedication to sharing the beautiful experiences at the Children’s Vegetable Garden at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens.