Children’s Vegetable Garden Program (CVGP) Week 7, April 1st, 2017

On a misty, overcast April Fool’s Day our young gardener’s prevailed by tending to their eclectic veggie garden and planting a new ‘Sweet Slice’ Cucumber.

While some cucumbers are grown for pickling, the cucumbers we planted today are meant to be ‘sliced,’ hence their name. Click here to learn more from Texas A&M Agrilife about how to care for your cucumbers.



First, we checked our previous plantings, looking for roly-polies and caterpillars that might be damaging some of our plants. This mother-son duo carefully check their cole crop plants for any signs of insect damage.


Next we checked our plots to see if any of the Yellow Squash or Bush Beans have popped up through the soil. We counted to see if all 3 squash seeds had grown and if all 45 beans seeds had grown. As you can see above, there are a few little empty spaces in these lines of beans. Any missing seeds will be recounted and replaced next week.


Since the ‘Red Salsa’ Salvia plants are not watered by the irrigation system, it was really important that we hand water all of them meticulously! Then we set out to fertilize them with 1/4 gallon of a liquid mix from Lady Bug Brand Organic Fertilizer. We did this by mixing 1 oz of liquid fertilizer per gallon of water and divvying up the fertilizing cans so each plot got the 1/4 gallon for their ‘Red Salsa’ Salvias, ‘TAM’ Mild Jalapenos and ‘Carpet’ Petunias as well as for our ‘Sweet Slice’ Cucumbers once they are planted.


 We then fertilized in and around our ‘Green Magic’ Broccoli, ‘Cheers’ Head Cabbage and ‘Snow Crown’ Cauliflower using 1 cup of organic granulated fertilizer. We made sure to stay at least 6 inches away from the stem of any of the plants.


We pulled up the Nsulate covers on the ‘Tycoon’ and ‘BHN 968 Tomatoes in order to let them breathe and carefully situated all of the stems so that any wild ones were gently tucked back into the cage. We made sure to be extra careful so as not to damage any of the stems. We got rid of any extra leaves that were drooping down into the soil and then fertilized the BHN 968 tomato plant with 1 cup of organic granulated fertilizer evenly around the bottom of the tomato cage.

We also re-dirted another 2 inches around the base of the stems for our potato plants to ensure optimum growth for some of the more shallow root systems. We used compost to do so.


On to our planting of the ‘Sweet Slice’ Burpless Cucumber. As with any transplant, we made sure that a wet transplant went in to a wet hole in the soil so we watered both before proceeding. We made sure to be extra gentle since cucmber plants bruise easily. The cucumber trellis is located directly next to the potatoes. We used 1 cup of Organic Granulated Fertilizer to the front and middle of the trellis and scratched it in. We then put the cucumber transplant in 2 inches away from the middle of the trellis making sure that the transplant was even with the soil line.


We closed out the day  by applying 8-10 Sluggo pellets around the ‘Red Salsa’ Salvias and the ‘Carpet’ Petunias. The name gives away that Sluggo is used as an organic pest control against slugs and snails in the garden.

We also applied Javelin Bt to all the plants by mixing 2 drops of Ivory Detergent into 3/4 gallon of water. We then added 1 TBSP of Javelin as we lightly shook the can to help with mixing. We then added water to get a full gallon and applied to the plants. In this PDF, you can scroll down and find a complete list of insects that are controlled by Bt.


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