Children’s Vegetable Garden Program (CVGP) Week 9, April 15th, 2017

HAPPY EASTER! Today we kept up watering maitenance, pest management, harvested broccoli and released some ladybugs! YAY!


First, we swept through the gardens and removed any dead leaves, checked for insects and weeded our individual plots. Then we made sure to really water in our plants since it is getting hotter! There should not be any dry patches of light brown soil when we finish. Aren’t our flowers beautiful? The ‘Carpet’ Petunias on the left and the ‘Red Salsa’ Salvias on the right are in full bloom!


Those ‘Tycoon’ Tomatos sure are getting big! Harvest time is just around the corner.


Some young gardeners harvest their first veggie of the season! ‘GREEN MAGIC’ BROCCOLI! The broccoli in the uppermost photograph is a great example of a broccoli that should be harvested. We want to harvest before it starts to turn more yellowish in color and the florets start to separate. If you want to use as much of the plant as you can, the leaves can also be used in salads and smoothies!


After Miss Garza taught the kids about Ladybugs in her ‘Friends and Foes in the Garden’ session and their ability to wipe out aphids in the garden, each section received one bag of ladybugs to share and release into their plots. In the small photo on the right, the kids look up close at all the ladybugs in the classroom. Each child released the ladybugs into their potatoes and then passed the bag down the line to their plot neighbor.

We made sure to water one more time before the Master Gardener volunteers applied Javelin Bt, an insectiside, to the cole crop plants, applying it directly to the leaves rather than in the soil beneath. They mixed 3/4 of a gallon of water with 2 drops of liquid Ivory detergent and then added 1 TBSP of Javelin Bt to the mixture.



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