Week 4- September 9, 2017

Hello gardeners!

Please excuse this week’s lack of photos. I had an infection and was on antibiotics; I didn’t want to get any of the kiddo’s sick! I’m going to work on finding a replacement photographer, as I have other commitments for several other weekends this season as well. If you’re available to take some cell phone pictures occasionally, let me know!

You may have noticed some plots have colored flags in them. This means compost must be added to these areas. Take care to avoid the irrigation lines.

Next, we fertilized the area in-between the marigolds and the first tomato cage with 4 cups of Ladybug Organic Fertilizer. This should be scratched in. We also scratched in any added compost. This makes it easier for seedlings to sprout! Small spurge weeds can be worked into the soil- we don’t need to pull them up the way we do other weeds.

Evaluate your previous plantings. Tomato’s should be straight and well supported in their cages. Tuck them in if they’re trying to escape. If any root balls are exposed, add a thing layer of compost and then mulch to cut back on watering needs. Removed leaves touching the soil.

For the cucumbers, you’ll want to make sure that the support trellis is appropriately placed. 

Your marigolds should look healthy as well. These aren’t watered by the irrigation system, so water with the watering can.

We had lots to plant today! Make sure all transplants are watered well before removing from the 6-pack.

We measured where the bush beans will be planted next week -24 inches away from the inside center from the very front of your plot. Mark this area with some stakes. This will be the first row to direct seed 15 seeds. Each should be 2-3 in apart and about an inch deep. Check again after watering to see if they need to be pressed back in! The other two rows should be spaced 8 inches apart.

The next planting was “Cheers” head cabbage. Measure 2 ft away from the bush beans. For each transplant, we space the cabbage plants out 12 in away from the top and bottom of the inside part of the plot, 18 in from each other. We know all this measuring seems tedious, but it gives the garden a well kept look, and ensures all the plants have space to grow! The plants are planted at or below the soil line (below if they are top heavy). Basically as deep as the first set of leaves. Firm the plants in well. None of the peat pot should be visible! We tagged it and moved on.

Up next was “Green Magic” broccoli. Transplants are 24 in away from the middle of each of the two cabbages. These are measured and planted the same way as the cabbage.

The last planting was “Snow Crown” cauliflower. The transplants are planted 24 inches away from the middle of each of the broccoli plants. Measure and plant the same as the previous two plantings.

Slowly water in all new plants. Each plot will get one gallon of water with 2 oz of Hasta-Gro. Don’t get any on the leaves, just the soil around each plant!

Lastly, we watered the area with the irrigation system on low for about 12-15 minutes.

All tools were cleaned and put away.

Starting September 30th we will have activities in the Sunday House. We’re doing all kinds of things, including making scarecrows, learning about bees, and learning how to compost!

See ya’ll soon!

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