Week 6- September 23, 2017

This morning we started with some garden chores. The plots should be level, as this will help with watering. In between the cucumber trellis and tomato cage the compost should have been dug in at least 4 inches deep. It seems not all plots did this last week. Please remember to read the agenda before coming! We know it is a lot of little things, but it virtually guarantees your gardening success!


Today I followed section 1 around. Here they are at their morning meeting:

meetin section 1.jpg

As always, we checked on all of our previous plantings. Tomatoes were tucked into cages, and brown or yellow leaves were removed. We evenly fertilized the outer lip of the tomato plant with either one cup of Lady Bug granulated fertilizer, or five small bottles of Milogranite organic fertilizer.

straight rows of cukes.jpg

Nice straight row of cucumbers. Notice how some are bigger than others. Why might this be?


Tomato fertilizer

check tomato.jpg

Checking up on tomatoes

We checked the cucumber very closely, especially ALL the flowers. Any intruding cucumber beetles were crushed. All plants will need to be checked for bugs every week now. We noticed that in some plots, some of the seeds didn’t come up. This could have been because the plots weren’t leveled first, or seeds weren’t put in deeply enough, and water washed them away.

check cabbage.jpg

Checking cabbage for bugs

The marigolds were hand watered very well. The backside of the leaves of cauliflower, broccoli, and kale were gently rubbed to remove any cabbage loopers. Here’s an example of what one looks like:

Cabbage looper (not from our gardens)

After being watered at the end of the day, these plants were drenched with Javelin Bt, a biological insecticide, at a ratio of one teaspoon to one gallon of water. 2 drops of Ivory soap is added for preventative control of the looper caterpillars. This organic pesticide is expensive, so use it carefully.

All bush bean seeds should be sprouting, if not we planted more seeds. Previously added compost is dug at least 4 inches into the soil. Remember to drop the seed sideways, and not up and down. If re-planting, make sure seeds aren’t exposed after watering.


Bush beans


Cucumber on the trellis and squash seeds planted in a “X” fashion

The yellow squash seeds should also be up by now. If not, these were re-seeded as well.

We only had two plantings today. All transplants were thoroughly watered before planting.

We planted two “Tango” celery transplants. They were planted in the middle area between the outer edge of the cucumber trellis and the outer lip of the tomato cage. The plants were placed 12 inches away from the top and bottom of the inside part of the plot, 18 inches from each other. The peat pot stays on, and the plant is firmed in. None of the roots or peat pot should be visible after planting.

Extensive measuring was done first before we could plant the carrots.


Figuring out where carrots go

measure 2.jpg


First we made sure the area where the carrots were to be planted was free of any large debris that might hinder their growth. Seedlings are delicate! 8 inches from the planted celery transplants, towards the cucumber trellis is where the first row of carrots was to be planted. The other three rows were spaced 6 inches apart. Each row had 20 seeds spaces about 2 inches apart. The best way to plan the rows was to place a yardstick down, make sure it was straight, and then sort of saw it back in forth in the ground to create a small depression where the seeds could be placed. The seeds were barely covered and tamped in with excess soil and watered.

watering before planting.jpg

Carrots being watered in

Lastly we ran the irrigation system for 12-15 minutes. Celery, bean, yellow squash, and marigolds were fertilized with a full gallon Hasta-gro. We used one gallon of water and 2 oz of Hasta-Gro. Remember not to get any fertilizer on the leaves!

Next week we will make scarecrows for each bed! Please remember to see the agenda for any materials. Note that everyone gets to sleep in now! Please be here by 9 am šŸ™‚

Until then,


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