Week 7: September 30, 2017


looking good.jpg

Looking good!

This week we are profiling Ms. Layla’s section. As always, we examined all plants and checked them for pests. Any pests were crushed. We don’t want them damaging anyone else’s plants! Tomatoes, cucumbers, and cole crops are prone to pests. We rubbed the backside of the leaves to kill any baby cabbage loopers. After everything was watered in, we went back and drenched Spinosad (2 oz to one gallon of water, along with 2 drops liquid Ivory soap) on the following plants: cucumbers, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, celery, and squash.

section meeting.jpg

Section meeting with Ms. Layla

We made sure the areas where lettuce and radish were to be planted were free from large debris, to enable the seedlings to come up. Four rows of “All Star” gourmet lettuce will be planted 8 in from celery towards the tomato plant. The other three rows should be spaced 6 inches apart. We used the yard stick to saw back and forth again to create small trenches for the seeds, an inch wide and an inch deep. Each row should have two pinch fulls of seeds slowly and gently spread out. There are lots of great YouTube videos on how to plant lettuce, check some out! The seeds were covered VERY lightly with finely screened compost. We don’t want big clumps of anything, remember? The seeds were gently tamped and watered in.



plan and demo.jpg



More planning and measuring

Next we planted “Sora” radishes. One row of seeds was sown between the middle of the last row of beans and the cabbage plants. A 2-3 inch wide band that was 1/4 inch deep was dug. Each seed should be 1 inch apart. The seeds were lightly covered, tamped, and watered in.

Lastly, we fertilized celery, beans, yellow squash, and marigolds (after the irrigation watered them) with a full gallon of Hasta-Gro. The recipe was two oz Hasta-Gro to one gallon water.

Many people were able to harvest cucumbers this week. They grow SO FAST! Check out how the cucumbers attach themselves to the trellis to support the weight of the fruit. Cool, right?





cuke anchor.jpg

Hold on tight!

This week was our first JMG activity. We made scarecrows! This was my first time doing this activity, so thank you to the parents who had done it before and helped me 🙂


Working on scarecrows


Drawing a scary cyclops eye. How creative!

scarecrow 5.jpg


scarecrow 3.jpg

His face cracks me up!

scarecrow 2.jpg

What a cool handmade face!



This was such a fun day! I hope everyone enjoyed it. I’ve had a few parents tell me they aren’t getting the agendas. I’ll be posting them here when they are emailed out, so check the tab at the top of the page that says “agendas”. Also, you can email Denise (dsperez@ag.tamu.edu) to be added to the list. We are having an issue where parents take turns bringing the kids, but don’t both get the agenda! Let’s make sure everyone gets one so things run smoothly. See y’all soon!


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