Week 8- October 7, 2017

Hello gardeners!

This was a morning of plant checking and chores. A friendly reminder- please bring in compostable materials! This makes such a huge difference in the quality of our vegetable growth.


Things are coming up well!


Cucumbers are so photogenic. Here’s one with the flower still holding on.

The kids began the day with checking everything for bugs. Now that things are really blooming the bugs will be coming! Some gardeners saw leaf-footed bugs on their tomatoes. These were squashed. Also beware of cucumber beetles and aphids. Here’s a great AgriLife resource on controlling insects in the vegetable garden. Sometimes just squishing them is the best way!

bug checl.jpg

Bug check

bug check.jpg

Hello bugs?

We also checked the plots for any weeds, and removed them. Be sure to check the walkways for weeds too! You have to be careful though, because baby carrots look like weeds!


Out pesky weeds!

aphid killing.jpg

Miss Sandra kills aphids

everyone hard at work.jpg

Everyone hard at work

Our green beans needed to be tied up. We put a stake at each of the four corners and looped twine around them to keep them in line.

bean roping.jpg

Bean roping

Our JMG activity this week was taught by Grace Emery. It was about herbs and removing seeds from dried herbs. Everyone loved it!

herb 2.jpg

Grace Emery teaching

herb jmh.jpg

Seed picking

collecting seeds.jpg

Collecting seeds for their chart

At the end of the day Spinosad was applied to the cucumbers, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, celery, beans, and squash. The plants were doubly drenched because it appears cucumber beetles have been eating the leaves on the bean and squash plants too! Remember that any tomato leaves that are brown or touching the soil should be removed. All plants were thoroughly watered. The kids continue to be amazed by how much cucumbers can grow in a week! If you’re wondering whether to harvest one or not, be sure to ask your section leader.


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