Week 11: October 28, 2017

Hello everyone! Just a reminder, November 11th will be our fall vegetable show, picnic, and recognition ceremony.

Please make sure the plot and walkways are weeded and full of trash. The compost pile needs your compost every week! We removed all brown, yellow, or damaged leaves. Remember to stay on top of bug smushing- the traps and liquid insecticide aren’t enough! Marigold flowers were removed, and what remained was given liquid feed. Don’t forget to gently push the bean plants away from shadowing the radishes. A few cabbage leaves may have to be removed so as not to impede the growth of the radishes. Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and celery were drenched with Javelin Bt at the recommended dilution rate, mixed with two drops of M-Pede Insecticidal soap per one gallon of water. Celery and cauliflower were given liquid feed.

MANY plants were harvested today. The JMG activity was given by Anna Rascoe and was about the significance and usages of marigolds. Here come the photos:



Lettuce harvesting






JMG activity


JMG marigold activity


All that lettuce!


Marigold bounty

Until next week!

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