Week 8: April 7, 2018

Brrrr! We experienced what seems to be the last breath of winter during our work day last Saturday. The high was about 50 degrees while we worked in our beds. It was so cold that there weren’t even any bugs out!

The cold didn’t ruin the happy mood, though, when some gardeners got to….(drumroll)…harvest their broccoli!! Fresh, home grown broccoli is THE BEST. And now our young gardeners get to take some home. Well done, friends!

 Week 8:

Like always, before we plant anything, the first thing we do is check on our current plants. One of the things we look for are any new sprouts – our beans from week 6 should all be sprouted by now – reseed if any haven’t popped up yet. Do we see any squash sprouts yet? It’s probably time to reseed if you still don’t see any sprouts after two weeks. Another thing we look for in the garden is WEEDS. Some people love weeding, some hate it – like it or not it’s got to be done. Weeds take precious nutrients away from the veggies that we work so hard to grow, so be sure take some time and make sure your garden beds are weed free.

Jumbo Jalapeño and Oriental Eggplant are the plants we added to our garden today. These guys are pretty straight forward to plant: make your hole deep enough for the plants to be level with the soil and then firm them in. We made sure that our plants were about 2 feet away from our cucumber and about 18 inches away from each other. Once we got them in the ground, we added cages for support. We also added stakes to help the little stems remain upright. We added our stakes at a 45 degree angle (just like we did the cucumbers) to make sure that they remain propped up while the stake doesn’t get tangled into the root system. The last thing we did was hand water the petunias and our new plants very well, and then fertilize all the plants with liquid Hasta-Gro. Easy peasy!

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**A very special thank you to Dana Drury for sharing her awesome pictures with us for our blog this week! **

Be sure to check back next week to see how our Fiesta tomato cage decorations turned out!


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