Week 9: April 14, 2018


Viva Fiesta! It’s that time of year again in San Antonio – this time celebrating San Antonio’s 300th anniversary. In honor of Fiesta, we decorated our tomato cages with rainbow colored streamers – they look very lively!

While decorating their tomato cages, the young gardeners noticed something VERY EXCITING….baby tomatoes!!

These guys are tiny but mighty, and we can’t wait to see how much they’ve grown in one week. You’d be surprised how much progress and growth can take place over one week. Let’s take a look at one of the plants I think has made the most progress (and was also planted first – so that helps)…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our ‘Kennebec’ potatoes! Wow, they’ve really seen some growth. The first picture is shortly after we planted them on Feb 17th. The last picture is of the potato vines flowering last week. We’ll know they’re ready to harvest when the tops die back, and the skin on the potatoes becomes firm – or isn’t easy to scrape off.

Another plant that has made significant progress is our ‘Gold Star’ yellow squash – take a look:

^^One week after planting (3/31)^^                         ^^Now^^

It’ll be some time before we can actually harvest anything from this plant, but it’s looking good and growing quickly, so that is very promising.

Although we did not plant anything new in our beds this week, we did make sure to take care of the chores we do every week. The first thing we do is lay eyes on our plants. Take a look to see if there’s been any growth, if something’s been eating on the leaves, or if there’s any damage. Take a look at the gardeners showing off their jalapeño and eggplants:

We planted these pretty recently, so it’s no surprise that they haven’t grown too much – but there is DEFINITELY growing happening.

Did y’all know that the children’s vegetable garden has plots that are used for research? Theses specific beds are so fun to watch, and you never know what’s going to pop up next. We currently have a bed full of gorgeous ‘Bright Lights’ Swiss chard. I personally have had my eye on this bed because I happen to LOVE swiss chard. Like collards, their leaf size makes them a great alternative to tortillas/bread/buns (if you’re looking to replace those items in your meals).


Another bed that I’m really excited about contains a nice, neat row of various strawberries, including gorgeous ‘Ruby Ann’ strawberries! These little guys will be SO FUN to watch grow. Some of them had a really pretty red flower that I had never seen on a strawberry plant before – all the strawberry plants I’ve ever seen had a white flower, so this was a first for me.

That’s all we’ve got for this week, friends! Make sure to check back in next week to learn a bit about ‘Mystic Spires Salvia’, and to check in our garden’s progress!


**Special thanks to the Murphy family for sharing their pictures for this post!**

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