Children’s Vegetable Garden Week 4: September 29, 2018

Hi Friends!


We were barely making progress on our beds this week when the RAIN came back. Fortunately we got in about an hour and a half of solid gardening before Mother Nature gave everything a good drink.

The first thing we did was check in on our green and growing plants. As you can see above, some of our cucumbers are looking fantastic. We then weeded and lightly hand tilled our beds in preparation for the day’s plantings – ‘Green Magic’ Broccoli, ‘Snow Crown’ Cauliflower, and for those who braved the downpour, ‘Provider’ bush beans.

CVG 19

When planting the cauliflower and broccoli, measuring appropriately is your best bet to make sure that you have enough room to grow your plants to their full potential. Each broccoli should be planted 24″ (2 feet) away from the already transplanted cabbage, and then another 12″ inches (1 foot) away from the sides of the raised bed.

From there we planted the cauliflower using the same measurements – 24″ away from the newly planted broccoli and 12″ away from the sides of the garden bed.

Some gardeners were able to plant the bush bean seeds, and others will do that during Week 5. Those who planted the seeds measured 6″ away from the center board of our plots (as seen below), and then each row (approx 4 rows) is measured 6″ away from the previous row. There was about 60 seeds, so each row has 15 seeds – each planted 2 to 3 inches apart.

CVG 13

That’s as far as we got before the rain started…

CVG 10

…so we called it a day around 10:30!

Reminder – Compost campaign: Children, and volunteers are encouraged to bring coffee grounds, disposable coffee filters, tea bags, egg shells, vegetable scraps and other appropriate compostable materials from their homes or from their local coffee shop. These materials will be added to the backside of our compost pile until further notice.

Thanks so much and remember check in next week!

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