Cruiser Cilantro

Cilantro tastes like death. 

Julia Child

I must say I beg to differ.  However given the divisive nature of this herb it seemed apropos to honor the opinion of America’s most celebrated chef.  For more information on why cilantro is so unpleasant to part of the population read here:

But!  For the (better) half of us who love cilantro…….. we are fortunate that the Cruiser Cilantro planted last year at the Children’s Vegetable Garden graciously reseeded itself to produce this vigorous bunch of plants with a foothold under the Balsamic Basil:

cruiser cilantro

Abundant advice on growing this variety is available at the following link:

One of my favorite ways to enjoy this herb is in a raw salsa.  I typically combine tomatillos, white onion, garlic, serrano chiles, advocado and lime juice with a large bunch of cilantro.  The amounts of each ingredient may vary depending on personal taste and what you have on hand.  The ingredients can either be hand chopped or chopped in a blender or a food processor.  The salsa is great on chips but is also delicious on grilled meats or stirred into rice.

Happy Gardening and Happy Eating!

Anne Marie S.




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