Children’s Vegetable Garden Program (CVGP) Week 14, December 8, 2018

In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.

William Blake

What other choice do we really have?  The exception of course is South Texas where we are most fortunate to be able to have an abundant winter garden.  Is there no rest for the weary?  Putting the garden to sleep for the winter truly amounts to just a short cat nap.  catnap

Rather than hitting the snooze button, take the opportunity to tend to maintenance of compost, tools, irrigation and the like in preparation for the challenges of spring.

compost en routeCabbage leaves en route to the compost pile. 

Saturday morning the gardeners spent time carefully weeding the plots and walkways.

weeding PVC irrigation lines are a particularly favored place for unwelcome weeds such as purslane.  The following link is useful for identifying the multiple varieties of purslane in Texas.  Purslane is considered a weed but it is edible.

There were some beauteous broccoli crowns ready for harvest:

broccoli.jpgThe abundant cilantro can be used to garnish a lovely green vegan soup prepared from broccoli, spinach, onion, garlic and broth.  A simple version can be found on the Bon Appetit website.

The perimeter plots were thriving thanks to the mid-week work parties.  Special projects included tending the hops on the exterior fence:


So back to the original point of this entry……… winter is an excellent time to fantasize/imagine/plan for the spring.  This could include planning and designing a garden at your home/redesigning your ‘big picture’ life in ways that make sense to no one but you……. or just taking a break.  With that all said – a garden is absolutely positively unequivocally an awesome part of the plan. You might want to plant a ‘decision tree’……however please be forewarned….they need to be weeded on a daily basis.

Best wishes,

Anne Marie S.





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