Children’s Vegetable Garden: Week 13, December 1, 2018

Hi Friends!

This weekend in the garden was a gorgeous one! The weather was AMAZING and felt more like spring than winter. Of course colder weather is on the way, so we all took the time to bask in the brief warmth (talk to us in summer, though, and we’ll most likely curse the heat).

The seasonal vegetable show was cancelled because of the absolutely crazy weather we’ve had this fall. First it was way too hot, then there was too much rain, followed by a freeze like we haven’t seen in 100+years…it was a tough one for Central Texas gardeners and farmers. So, in light of the cancellation, we simply tended to our surviving plants and enjoyed a small picnic and recognition ceremony.

Some of the broccoli might be ready to harvest by next weekend, and it’s entirely possibly some of the cabbage too!

One thing we were sure to do was to tie up the cabbage to prevent the head from turning yellow. First we looked for any bad bugs, and then we used rubber bands to wrap the leaves around the head so it doesn’t see the sun. Take a look:

One last chore we made sure to complete was weeding. Man, we tried to get out of weeding bc it looked like our beds were clean from weeds, but once we kneeled down to really look they were there! So keep your eyes peeled – you don’t want any weeds stealing nutrients from your beloved veggies.

Despite all this fall/winter has thrown at us, some of the plants just refuse to quit. Take a look at our carrots, lettuce and cilantro. That patch of lettuce has already been harvested twice and it’s still producing gorgeous leaves.

We also planted peas the weekend that our awesome volunteers realized that our cucumbers were toast for the season. Some of them have done pretty well, we’ll see this weekend if there are any to harvest:


Take a look at some of the activities we enjoyed:

We ate some good food and planted some baby plants (poppies pictured!) – what more could you ask for?

That’s all for now, friends! Remember to check back next week to see the last few weeks of our garden’s harvest!

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