Children’s Vegetable Garden (CVGP) Week 15 – December 15, 2018

Hi Friends! 

Can you believe this is our last workday of the season? What an interesting season it’s been, weather-wise. First all the rain and then the unprecedented freeze?! It really gives you a new appreciation for those who work in agricultural businesses that are weather dependent – farmers, ranchers, beekeepers, nurseries, ag researchers, etc.

So today’s workday was all about harvesting and putting the beds to sleep for the winter. The inconsistent nature of the weather at the beginning of the season created a less predictable harvest for our garden – in the end, we were all able to harvest lettuce, cole crops, radishes, cilantro and carrots – some of us enjoyed cucumbers at the beginning of the season. Take a look:

After we harvested all the goodies we grew, we focused on leveling the soil in the beds, and assisting to re-mulch the walkways.

That’s a wrap on the season!

BIG THANKS to all who participated and to all the invaluable volunteers who arrived early each Saturday morning to help ensure the success of our Children’s Vegetable Garden Program!

Interested in joining us this spring? Take a second to learn about and register for the Spring Children’s Vegetable Garden –

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