Children’s Vegetable Garden Program (CVGP) Week 3, March 16, 2019

Gardens are not made by singing “Oh, How beautiful,” and sitting in the shade.                                                                                                                               

Rudyard Kipling

There was no shade in sight except a gorgeous steel gray cloud embankment the morning of March 16th:

clouds week 3 Blanketed tomatoes stood sentry under the watchful eyes of the purple martin house.

Ruby crush tomatoes were ready and waiting in the Sunday House:

2nd tomatoA rose by any other name is a Ruby Crush.

A few errant gardeners discovered that the mysterious “winter greens” in one of the example plots were actually poppies ready to burst into bloom!  The maroon “Aggie” poppy was isolated by Greg Grant and is known as “Grant’s Garnet”.

poppy Don’t be lulled to sleep like Dorothy……. Grant’s Garnet 

Two tender “Green Magic” broccoli plants were also ready for each plot.  This variety was first marketed in 2004 as a replacement for “Green Comet” broccoli.  Hopefully the new plants will remain harlequin beetle-free unlike the plants from the fall session:

broccoli copy Harlequin beetles are public enemy number 1 for broccoli Harlequin bugs

Unlike poppy leaves, broccoli leaves (and cabbage leaves) are imminently edible.  Use as you would any leafy winter vegetable green (i.e. kale, cabbage leaves, brussel sprout leaves).  The winter vegetables are also particularly delicious in almost any St. Patrick’s Day guise.  I enjoyed a steamed head of cabbage interspersed with chile pequin and a fabulous sunset on Cash Mountain Road:

st pat's sky

Happy Spring 2019!


Best wishes,

Anne Marie S.




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