Children’s Vegetable Garden Program (CVGP) Week 8, April 20, 2019

Hello all! Another great week at the Children’s Vegetable Garden! We had a ton of chores to do today!

To start things off, we all had a garden and section chore list:

First, we checked to see if we still had broccoli, tomatillos and a few other plants that need to be “dirted-up” to straighten up their plants.


We spent some time today in and around our plot/section looking for and destroying all cucumber beetles and cabbage loopers on the backside of our broccoli plants by smashing them and or throwing them in a small bucket with soapy water.

Tomato cages were straightened and attached correctly and we cut off any stems/leaves that might be touching the soil.

Without breaking any branches, gently tuck your tomato stems into their cage that have snuck out. If the stems can’t be put back, then start tying them with cut HEB bags to their cage.

Apply one cup of Medina Organic fertilizer on the outskirts of each of the two tomato cages and lightly scratch it in.


Finish properly caging all your pepper, eggplant and tomatillo transplants. Use the older cages that are in front of S6 and S7.

Finally, we watered by hand any plant that is not receiving adequate irrigation from its system such as the petunias.


On to our section chores!!!


Section 1 watered the beds down the middle of the garden and the beds near the Sunday House, while Section 2 watered and weeded inside and outside all of the beds between the large mesquite tree and fig tree and pulled few of the Louisiana shallots to share with folks in the garden.



Section 6  weeded in and around the blackberry beds and underneath the green shade cloth area with benches.


Section 8 turned on the irrigation in the example plot  as well as the two beds across the section with bluebonnets and poppies



Check list before we left:


Please, don’t return any dirty tools or water cans to the tool shed.  It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep that area swept and clean.

Are you completely finished?  Has your instructor or mentor walked your plot and section?

□Is your plot free of weeds, trash and rocks?

□Are all your plants watered?

□Are your tools clean and stored neatly in the tool shed?

□Don’t forget to sign out?

□Please roll up all hoses nice and straight after usage.




Homework Assignment:  Have a Blessed Easter!



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