Children’s Vegetable Garden Program (CVGP) Week 14, December 7, 2019

Hi Friends!

Once again we’ve got wonderful weather for a garden workday here in San Antonio! There aren’t a whole lot of perfect weather days to be outside in South Central Texas, but today was one of them, and for that, we’re thankful!


The season is coming to a close (BOO!) but, much like last week, these next few weeks will give our young gardeners the opportunity to harvest the fruits of their labor! We’ve still got a lot of lettuce, kale, tomatoes and cauliflower to harvest. Let me tell you, the quality of their produce is fantastic as well. It’s literally just as good or even better than something you’d find at a farmer’s market.

This week is the first of two weeks that we’ll be preparing to put the garden to sleep for the holidays. These chores consist of cutting down all the plants that are either done for the season or won’t produce any more. The squash and cucumber are pretty much done for the season. Cauliflower can only be harvested once, and broccoli will produce offshoots from the original crown, but we won’t be around to see those – so they gotta go!!


We do this in preparation of the month or so of colder weather that would be too rough for our plants to thrive and also to prepare the beds for next season’s group! The only veggies we’re leaving will be the carrots – this is because they are not maturing fast enough for us to harvest any good ones. They’re still pretty small, and we’d love for them to grow more before harvesting any.


When you’re harvesting tomatoes, make sure to pull off any that are blushing – which means just barely turning red. They’ll ripen quickly on your counter and you aren’t risking missing the opportunity to eat a perfect tomato!


Take a look at what our beds should look like at the end of today’s workday:


That’s all we’ve got for this week – make sure to check back next week to see what’s growing in our garden!



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